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Interesting Generic .COM domain useage - Posted March 11, 2011

I regularly reference established brands who use generic domain names on prime time television. Last night, I saw an Ad during Desperate Housewives (No, I watch this, actually think it is awful, but my wife does watch) by California Closets, which featured the domain name, a pure generic dotcom domain that is separate from [...]

Go Daddy and the lost TLD - Posted February 7, 2011

Last night, as I sat watching the Superbowl at a great annual party that I had hoped to miss when I assumed I’d be rooting for the Patriots in Dallas (was tough to stomach last night), I witnessed the zenith of my many years of preaching that .com is the only extension/tld that matters. The [...]

A Healthy, Happy Holiday to All - Posted December 22, 2010

A Healthy, Happy Holiday to all Domainers, Brand Managers, Advertisers out there. It was a good year for Domain Names and understanding their critical importance to the Online Landscape.  Generic Category Dotcom domains are growing in importance each year and the people responsible for online operations at companies small to large are BEGINNING to realize [...]

Big Brands are catching on - Posted October 15, 2010

Time for my broken record blog. Big Brands are catching on. I have continually blogged about this time and time again. the 80/20 rule applies to domains. 80 percent of the value of Generic Dotcom Domain Names are the brand value to an end user, be it a VC, start up, entrepreneur, or big brand. [...]

MOREBIRTHDAYS.COM - Posted October 1, 2010

I was watching prime time TV last night and saw the American Cancer Society’s compelling and moving ad, with the domain name This is their rally cry, for cancer survivors and stricken to achieve more birthdays.  It is a terrific website, an incredible cause, and, a brilliant use of a generic dotcom domain name. [...]

Reprint of Important Article I Authored - Posted September 28, 2010

I wanted to re post an article I wrote a little over a year ago on domains, to remind everyone of the big picture.  Also, note, we are about to offer some incredible prices on a few domains in Sept and October at to insiders who get newsletter so be ready and aware. Key [...]

Alas, Summer is ending but domains are heating up - Posted September 7, 2010

Summer has come to an end. I hope everyone enjoyed the incredible weather the East Coast experienced. Hot, Warm Water, sunny skies. Summertime tends to be a quieter time for business and domains but domain values definitely held their own. With Domainfest behind us in August and Traffic ahead in October (plus some Europe based [...]

Domains Here on - Posted July 12, 2010

As all the many dedicated, awesome readers of this blog know, we have never posted about our own domain names. But, with a recent flurry of activity around our names, I believed it was time to shed some light. At, I have handpicked, dotcom only, generic domains that I believe are of incredible value. [...]

Milken Global Conference 2010 - Posted May 11, 2010

I have had a prolonged blog absence. I only want to say something when there is something very relevant to say about domains.’s sales continue to be solid, and we have a couple marquee names in the Moniker auction today in FL ( being a highlight marquee name). I really see domain assets continuing [...] sales and brokerage - Posted March 22, 2010

We are excited that is generating so many domain sales to Domainers via the website and the newsletter. It goes to show that we are selling six figure brands at below fair market prices. We are excited about our new brokerage or listing option that we are about to go live with at [...]