Interesting Generic .COM domain useage

Posted March 11, 2011 by

I regularly reference established brands who use generic domain names on prime time television. Last night, I saw an Ad during Desperate Housewives (No, I watch this, actually think it is awful, but my wife does watch) by California Closets, which featured the domain name, a pure generic dotcom domain that is separate from the brand and url. takes you to a California Closet’s landing page with 2 direct response offers; one to take a showroom visit and one to receive a free consultation. The domain is intuitive and also, disarms the customer who is not sure they want to use California Closets, getting them to click and see who the offer is from. Two key points: 1) we will continue to see MORE brands using more generic keyword phrases that tell the consumer instantly and intuitively what the ad is for and 2) we NEVER see anything but .COM In prime time. EVER.

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