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Last night, as I sat watching the Superbowl at a great annual party that I had hoped to miss when I assumed I’d be rooting for the Patriots in Dallas (was tough to stomach last night), I witnessed the zenith of my many years of preaching that .com is the only extension/tld that matters.

The GoDaddy .Co commercial (while I appreciated Joan Rivers head on a Fergie like body), was the single best example I have yet to see on the irrelevance of other tld’s. I quietly watched the ad, and didn’t say a word, until halftime, when the 39 people at the party, from close friends to friends of friends, went to eat the huge spread that our friends graciously served. I stood up and asked people if anyone knew “What website to go to in order to see the next part of the GoDaddy commercial, as they said in the ad”. Not 1 person answered GoDaddy.co. A few said they didn’t know, and most of the 39 said GoDaddy.COM.”

You see, no one even saw or noticed the .co. Everyone is conditioned to assume .COM.  Aside from that  failed ad, there were over $250m spent on  branding on SuperBowl Sunday prime time TV alone, all which branded the .COM; CokeCheers.com, CareerBuilder.com, Pepsi.com, Chevy.com, StateFarm.com,Doritos.com,Groupon.com,Coors.com,Target.com,NFL.com, Superbowl.com, and on and on. I have been a broken record for years, that other tld’s are a great money maker for the domain industry but irrelevant to brands and consumers. Billions of dollars are spent on .COM to every penny on other tld’s, every month, on TV prime time, radio,in print, and outdoor advertising.

In GoDaddy’s case, it is OK. Its not a big deal that 90 percent of the viewers saw .COM and went to .COM and not .co. It’s still a win for GoDaddy. But imagine if a different company spent big money on say, chocolate.co, and one of our websites,  Chocolate.com got 90+ percent of the traffic. Cha Ching for us, big bust for .co.

SimpleDomains.com’s Sarah Perry was quoted in an article on the .co tld in Fortune magazine and Fortune.com on Thursday, http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2011/02/04/whos-bowled-over-from-the-super-hype-about-co/.

Hooray for the 93 domainers that appreciated and saw the .co in the GoDaddy ad. Just note, in the Nation’s eyes, Joan Rivers joined Danica Patrick as the next GoDaddy.com girl. You can read much more on this in the SimpleDomains.com blog archives, http://simpledomains.com/blog/.

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