The Beginning of the End

Posted January 25, 2011 by

I have been extremely vocal, via blogs and talks, for many years, on my concern that domainers taking dotcom generic domain names that could be superb potential brands, with deep useful content, products, or value, and “faking” it with a page of content here or there, to try to game the system and get in google. I have always maintained that it was short sighted and did not add to or bring out the high value a domain can offer a legitimate website or brand or business. It became even more obvious to me when sites like started populating page one of my own personal search results. I would click on the link to find literally, one page of generic garbage that was not remotely helpful, even exasperated when it came to medical searches and important things along the same line. I was disappointed in Google for letting it happen. I was longing for another search engine for the first time in years. And, now, just this week,  came this very insightful piece titled “Did Google Just Declare War on Demand Media?”.  It is worth reading, as i believe the faucets are opening.  Click here to read

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