Happy Thanksgving

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Wow, we are in the home stretch of yet another year, one where domains continue to be more and more important in the branding process, more and more recognized by large brands and corporations, more and more recognized by large ad agencies. BUT , we still have a long way to go. The continued availability of other TLD’s , money makers ONLY for ICAAN and those who create the TLD’s, continues, when still, at the end of the day, DOTCOM is what matters. So, I leave you all with my Thanksgiving Weekend Homework assignment. I am sure you will be traveling, whether by plane,train, or automobile, this holiday; look at advertisements in airports, on highway billboards; read special year end Magazines;I HOPE you will be watching my Patriots go to 9-2 on Thanksgiving day, as well as the other great NFL and College games. While doing so, watch the commercials, watch the promotions during the Broadcast (NFL.com for example); you get the drift. I bet you will see, as always, 99 percent .COM, to the tunes of billions of dollars of media. It is part of the branding. So, if someone wants to buy Chocolate.co and actually do something with it, market it, advertise it, go for it as we will get all the traffic at Chocolate.com. You see, .com is just conditioned as part of the brand experience. It is Walmart.com, Target.com, NFL.com, Superbowl.com, AmericanIdol.com, ABC.com, People.com, EBAY.com, Amazone.com, Google.com. Do your homework while you feast on turkey and football.

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