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Key Points on the Evolving Value and Strategic Advantage of Category Domain Names - Posted July 30, 2010

I wrote this piece about a year ago, and thought it was a good time to re-share… Domain names are appreciating, hard assets just like land or traditional real estate. The difference is, that domain names (like the Internet) are still in the 2nd inning, with a “Wild-Wild West” element which often leads to returns [...]

Groupon Makes It Official - Posted July 28, 2010

Very interesting news from Groupon. For those of you who don’t know Groupon, they have emerged as a leading coupon site, the “Gilt Group” of coupons. Well, they didn’t own their domain name until they just paid $250,000 for it (see story below). Its good to see a deal like this get done, a win [...]

A Brilliant Move - Posted July 23, 2010

I get very excited when I see a new company “get it” with regards to the power of a generic dotcom domain name as a primary brand. My friend Bob Diener got it when he acquired and changed the company name to it; Dealtime got it when they switched to This week, my [...]

Pepsi getting into the Prime Time Domain Know-How - Posted July 14, 2010

Great job Pepsi. Happy to see another brand that understands the power of a domain name. Last night, during the ho hum MLB All Star Game, Pepsi ran ads for a community giving back program, As you all know, every time a “Pepsi” type uses a domain name like this in prime time, on [...]

Domains Here on - Posted July 12, 2010

As all the many dedicated, awesome readers of this blog know, we have never posted about our own domain names. But, with a recent flurry of activity around our names, I believed it was time to shed some light. At, I have handpicked, dotcom only, generic domains that I believe are of incredible value. [...]