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Recent domain sales - Posted January 22, 2010

As we build our recent sales area for this site,we will use the blog area to report some of our recent domain sales. BuzzNetwork.comĀ $6,500 $10,000

Yet Another PrimeTime dotcom domain name - Posted January 15, 2010

For what seems like a nightly occurrence, yet another generic dotcom domain name appeared on prime time TV last night. This one was, a website about rethinking healthcare reform. And these are just the domains I am happening to see. There are obviously others and I welcome comments with more examples. Again, all of [...] - Posted January 11, 2010

First of all, thank you for all your positive comments on the blog posts of recent. I am still on a roll, and yet again, last night, saw another use of a generic dotcom domain (.COM only!) by a large corporation on Prime Time TV. As I tried to do anything but watch Football and [...]

Taco Bell’s prime time domain use - Posted January 8, 2010

The other day, wrote about how Dominoe’s used on its new prime time TV ads. Now, only 2 days later, Taco Bell is doing the same. All over the BCS Championship last night was Taco Bell’s ads for its Drive Thru Diet, with the domain Another big advertiser beanding the .COM and using [...]

Dominoe’s New Ads - Posted January 4, 2010

As I was watching the NFL games yesterday, I picked up on a very cool domain usage. Dominoes entire ad campaign is about their all new pizza, saying it was time for a total redo (sauce,etc). The domain for this in the ads is Hopefully, corporate America takes notice on this brilliant application of [...]